Following the global trends in the development of the pharmaceutical industry, PJSC "Kraspharma" invests in long-term research projects in order to create its own innovative drugs

The company makes a number of projects, developing pharmaceutical preparations «next-in-class» and «first-in-class» in areas of the therapy prior for the company - treatment of infectious diseases, parenteral nutrition, phthisiology. Financing is carried out by both the company’s own means and attracted investments. In cooperation with partners – leading medical scientific and medical institutions, PJSC "Kraspharma" hopes to achieve results in a shorter time, gradually replacing "outdated" drugs from its product portfolio with new, more effective and safe drugs.

The strategy of innovative development of the company includes the following directions:

  • Development of methods to increase the activity of anti-microbial chemotherapy drugs, first of all by "protecting" the molecule of beta-lactam antibiotics with one of the beta-lactamase inhibitors. The relevance and demand of such methods are obvious: it is known that enzymes - beta-lactamases produced by bacteria are the main reason for the widespread microbial resistance and inefficiency of therapy.
  • Research of new antiseptics to develop new effective drugs for local treatment and prevention of wound infection. The first and significant step in this direction is already made: the medicinal preparation «Meporan» has passed the preclinical research and the first phase of clinical trials.
  • Study and clinical testing of new medicinal forms of anti-tuberculosis chemotherapy preparations for improving the effectiveness of treatment of severe forms of tuberculosis.
  • Introduction into clinical practice new balanced, effective and safe drugs for parenteral nutrition. Today, the company has its own unique development, which has passed all the necessary preclinical and clinical protocols, - amino acid mixture for parenteral nutrition «Highmix».