Attention for medical specialists: PJSC "Krasfarma" is launching to the market the drug Phosphomycin powder for the preparation of intravenous solution in dosages of 2 g and 4 g.

PJSC "Kraspharma" enlarged the product portfolio with an antimicrobial drug with an extremely high clinical significance – the launch of the drug Phosphomycinappeared in two new dosages-2 g and 4 g.

The new dosages are adapted to the modern requirements for the dosing of Phosphomycin in severe infections caused by resistant pathogens.
It is known that Phosphomycin is featured by a very wide therapeutic window - with intravenous doses of 12 g to 24 g per day, the drug is well tolerated.

Therefore, to optimize the use of Phosphomycin in clinical practice, it is very important to have divisible dosages that facilitate the preparation of the solution and prevent mistakes when administered.

Detailed description of the drug Phosphomycin powder for intravenous solution 2 g and 4 g. at the link >>.

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