PJSC "Krasfarma" is the largest Russian chemical and pharmaceutical production company with more than 50 years of experience in the production of drugs that meet all national and international quality standards.

The Company's activity aimed at meeting the growing needs of health care for high-quality, effective and safe medicines, as well as development and production of innovative pharmaceutical products, are carried out through a coordinated interaction of production, quality control department, commercial department, logistics service, and scientific information department and pharmacovigilance services.

Obviously, a rich history is not the most important thing in the modern pharmaceutical industry. To keep the quality of products on a permanently high level, a program of production modernization is being realized: investments in the company include new industrial lines, engineering systems and control systems, as well as new pharmaceutical products.

Safe and effective medicines of PJSC “Kraspharma”, which are not inferior in clinical efficacy to the original, but sold at affordable prices, have won the trust of both doctors and patients.

Today PJSC "Kraspharma" is the undoubted leader in the production of:

  • Antibiotics;
  • tuberculosis drugs in injectable forms;
  • Blood substitutes;
  • infusion solutions;
  • Preparations of other pharmacological groups.

Most of the drugs produced are included inVital and Essential Drugs List(VED) approved by the Government of the Russian Federation.

The products of PJSC "Kraspharma" are sold in Russia, Eastern Europe, Central Asia and in the countries of the Asia-Pacific region.