The absolute priority of PJSC "Kraspharma" is well-being of the patients. To achieve this goal, the company has created and operatesPharmacovigilanceservice.Its objectives are to identify drug safety problems as early as possible, to monitor adverse reactions, to determine risk factors in the application of the Company's products and their quantitative assessment, as well as to control the «risk-benefit» ratio in the application of drugs.

PJSC "Kraspharma", being one of the leading Russian manufacturers of medicines for the hospital sector and assuming high responsibility to patients and medical specialists for the quality and safety of its products, has implemented and maintains the "Rules of good pharmacovigilance practice".The pharmacovigilance system of PJSC "Kraspharma" is built into the overall quality control system of the company as a whole and works in constant contact with regulatory authorities.

The primary and the most important links in pharmacovigilance are the detection and reporting of adverse reactions (AR).Informative and reliable reporting onAR is the basis of qualitative analysis.

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