Our mission

Our mission is to meet the growing needs of health care for high-quality, effective and safe medicines, constant quality control, development and production of innovative pharmaceutical products.

Our values

Responsibility We have taken responsibility for the preservation of people's lives and every person saved thanks to our products is one more victory. This is what allows us to move on, gives us a stimulus and energy to develop and improve our company in our own way.
Partnership We admit mutually beneficial cooperation in the spirit of "WIN-WIN". Building relationships with our partners, we adhere to the principles of long-term, mutual respect and readiness for objective dialogue. Only this type of cooperation helps us to fulfill our mission.
Professionalism A highly professional team is the guarantee of the high quality of the manufactured products and its availability to the general population; It is also the guarantee of searching and implementation of innovative products necessary for preserving and improving the quality of patients’ lives.