Realization and keeping at a proper level maintenance the production of medicines in accordance with the GMP standard is impossible without solving the staff issue. Therefore, the main value of PJSC "Kraspharma" is people. Now the company employs about 600 people. Despite the upheavals associated with the change of the social structure of society, financial crises, the company hashigly-skilled personnel capable of working with complex production equipment and mastering the production of new drugs.

All company’s staff is trained in the principles of GMP (GoodManufacturingPractice) in the amount of the requirements of its professional duties. To this end, the company has organized a multi-level system of continuous training and periodic certification of all employees. Additionally, all of the company's specialists undergo external GMP training at leading companies specializing in the training of the requirements of proper production and quality control of medicines, taking into account international best practices.

“Knowledge, professionalism, patience, conscientious work are not only the main distinctive features of PJSC“ Kraspharma ”employees, but the key to success and survival of the company”.