Social responsibility: fair competition

We believe that our customers and society as a whole benefit from fair, free and open markets.

According to this principle we build competition with respect to pharmaceutical products. We do not make any agreements to “fix” prices, or “fall” in price in advance, or to limit trade in any other way.

Our principles of fair competition:

  • We do not share information on prices with competitors. This information includes pricing policy, discounts, promotions, fees, guarantees and sales terms. If a competitor voluntarily gave out such information, whether at a meeting in the Chamber of Commerce or in the doctor's office, we must immediately interrupt the conversation and bring this information to the Legal Department. Although the exchange of such information could be completely innocent in nature, it could create the appearance of collusion between competitors regarding price and bidding.
  • We actively compete for each client. We do not make any agreements with competitors regarding customers, distributors or territories. We act honestly and openly, relying on the merits of our products.
  • We do not distort the perception of our competitors' products by providing our employees, distributors and consumers with the necessary knowledge regarding our requirements for fair competition, as well as with respect to the current competition law.