Social responsibility: the choice of suppliers

We select products and services that best contribute to the long-term prosperity of our company. Therefore, when choosing our suppliers, we rely, first of all, on price, quality, service, diversity, reputation, business practice and also on methods of environmental protection.

We are especially careful in choosing suppliers of active pharmaceutical substances and primary packaging materials, which guarantees the efficacy and safety of manufactured drugs.

The company maintains long-standing partnerships with many leading manufacturers of active pharmaceutical substances. The search for new suppliers is a responsible process, with the main guidelines for selection being: the presence of a functioning quality management system; GMP certificate; ISO 15378 and ISO 9001 certificates; results of quality control of samples of substances and packaging materials, as well as the own audit of the supplier.

We also expect our suppliers to maintain core labor standards set by the International Labor Organization (ILO) against child and forced labor.