"PJSC" Kraspharma " look forward to provide medical specialists with the most up-to-date free of charge information on medicinal products, advanced methods of therapy and prevention of socially significant diseases"

The company has extensive experience in post-registration clinical trials. A search and study of new effective medicines together with leading Russian and foreign scientists are carried out.

This section is designed to help medical professionals to make the right choice when conducting drug therapy, as well as disease prevention, to avoid unwanted drug reactions and optimize the use of modern drugs manufactured by PJSC "Kraspharma".

Information tables

Actual information is presented in the form of tables on the doses and modes of administration of drugs produced by PJSC "Kraspharma", drug interactions, tables of sensitivity of the most important pathogenic microorganisms to antimicrobial drugs.

Manuals for doctors

PJSC "Kraspharma" maintains the status of the leading domestic manufacturer of medicines for the hospital sector. Our task is not only to provide medicines, but also to offer specialists qualitative information manuals on drug therapy in the clinical sections of medicine.

Articles and Reviews

The company tries to maintain high-level research and development activities. The field of scientific interests is extremely extensive - from exploring ways to overcome microbial resistance to developing new methods for treating wounds. The results of our own research, as well as scientific reviews are published in the medical periodical press.