PJSC "Krasfarma" is a domestic pharmaceutical company with more than 50 years of experience in the production of medicines that meet all national and international quality standards.

The company is one of the largest manufacturers of high-tech chemical and pharmaceutical products in Russia and specializes in the production, storage and distribution of medicines, most of which are included in the National Vital and Essential Drugs List (VED).

Today PJSC "Kraspharma" produces the following pharmaceutical products:

  • parenteral antibiotics in the form of powders, lyophilisates, solutions for infusions;
  • TB drugs in the form of powders, lyophilisates, solutions for infusions;
  • infusion solutions, including blood substitutes based on dextran, solutions affecting water and electrolyte balance, fibrinolysis inhibitors, solutions with the osmodiuretic effect, products for parenteral nutrition, hydroxyethyl starches, detoxification means.

The Company's business interests are not limited to the territory of the Russian Federation - products of PJSC "Kraspharma" are popular in 11 countries of Europe, Central and South Asia.

With the aim of organizing production in accordance with the requirements of GMP, expanding the market of products, mastering the program for the development and production of new drugs and in the framework of the state program of import substitution, starting in 2014, PJSC "Kraspharma" conducts technical re-equipment of production, including the phased creation of workshops:

  • for the production of solutions for infusions in bags of made of polyolefin film (production capacity is 14 000 bags per year);
  • sterile spreading of β-lactam antibiotics (production capacity is 40 000 bottles per year);
  • for the production of injection solutions in ampoules (production capacity is 48,000 ampoules per year), lyophilisates in ampoules (production capacity is 1,016 ampoules per year) and flasks (production capacity is 400 000 flasks per year);
  • for the production of solid non-sterile dosage forms;
  • receiving 8000 l / h of purified water (PW), 3 450 l / h of water for injection (WFI), 2 600 l / h of pure steam (PS).